Re-Build Roastfish and Cornbread and Roots Invasion Sound Systems!


SUPPORT the rebuilding of Roastfish & Cornbread and Roots Invasion Sound Systems

Oslo family!! Tragically Jazzrampa/Bassrampa/Rampa burnt to the ground at this past weekend (13.3.15).  Inside the building were two of Norways three self-made reggae sound systems  “Roastfish & Cornbread Family Sound”  and “Roots Invasion” sound systems.

They have lost their building, workshop, rehearsal space, speakers, pre-amps, amps, records, record players, effects units, and lots more.  Both crews are determined to continue – but they are left with nothing – they need our help!!

If you were standing next to them now, I know you would buy them a drink or two or some food or something!  So please donate what you can:

click here to donate:


all donations go directly to help rebuilding both sound systems who are resolute to rise from these sad ashes.


It will be possible in the future to donate skills & energy as well as / instead of money.  Stay tuned.

Soon they will really need a workspace to re-build for example….








Family Reggae Disco is officially on a break at the moment.  We are doing a few one-off sessions here and there but generally on pause for the time being….  we will be forwards in the near (ish) future though!


The Family Reggae Disco began in january 2005 and has been helping people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and enjoy good music, fun activities, interactive entertainment and each others company.  The more we are together is the happier we shall be.

More Family, More Reggae, More Love


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